6/30/07--Nags Head, NC to Plymouth, NC
7/1/07  --Plymouth, NC to Rocky Mount, NC
7/2/07  --Rocky Mount, NC to Chapel Hill, NC
7/3/07  --Chapel Hill, NC to Winston-Salem, NC
7/4/07  --Winston-Salem, NC to Hickory, NC
7/5/07  --Hickory, NC to Asheville, NC
7/6/07  --***Rest Day***
7/7/07  --Asheville, NC to The Great Smokies, NC
7/8/07  --The Great Smokies, NC to Knoxville, TN
7/9/07  --Knoxville, TN to Williamsburg, KY
7/10/07--Williamsburg, KY to Berea, KY
7/11/07--Berea, KY to Lexington, KY
7/12/07--***Rest Day***
7/13/07--***Rest Day***
7/14/07--Lexington, KY to Elizabethtown, KY
7/15/07--Elizabethtown, KY to Falls of Rough, KY
7/16/07--Falls of Rough, KY to Sebree, KY
7/17/07--Sebree, KY to Elizabethtown, IL
7/18/07--Elizabethtown, IL to Carbondale, IL
7/19/07--***Rest Day***
7/20/07--Carbondale, IL to Farmington, MO
7/21/07--Farmington, MO to Ellington, MO
7/22/07--Ellington, MO to Houston, MO
7/23/07--Houston, MO to Fair Grove, MO
7/24/07--Fair Grove, MO to Pittsburg, KS
7/25/07--***Rest Day***
7/26/07--Pittsburg, KS to Toronto, KS
7/27/07--Toronto, KS to Newton, KS
7/28/07--Newton, KS to Sterling, KS
7/29/07--Sterling, KS to Ness City, KS
7/30/07--Ness City, KS to Leoti, KS
7/31/07--Leoti, KS to Eads, CO
8/1/07  --Eads, CO to Pueblo, CO
8/2/07  --***Rest Day***
8/3/07  --Pueblo, CO to Howard, CO
8/4/07  --Howard, CO to Gunnison, CO
8/5/07  --Gunnison, CO to Cimmaron, CO
8/6/07  --Cimmaron, CO to Telluride, CO
8/7/07  --Telluride, CO to Lewis, CO
8/8/07  --Lewis, CO to Monticello, UT
8/9/07  --Monticello, UT to Moab, UT
8/10/07--***Mountain Bike MOAB***
8/11/07--***Moab, UT***
8/12/07--***Grand Canyon***
8/13/07--***Zion National Park - Hike the Narrows***
8/14/07--***Zion National Park - Hike Angel's Landing***
8/15/07-- 8/18/07 Jackson, WY and Aspen, CO
8/19/07--***Muddy Buddy Race in Boulder, CO***
8/20/07--Return to Monticello, UT Bike to Blanding, UT
8/21/07--Blanding, UT to Hite Recreation Center, UT
8/22/07--Hite Recreation Center, UT to Fruita, UT
8/23/07--Fruita, UT to Escalante, UT
8/24/07--Escalante, UT to Panguitch, UT
8/25/07--Panguitch, UT to Cedar City, UT
8/26/07--Cedar City, UT to Milford, UT
8/27/07--Milford, UT to Baker, NV
8/28/07--Baker, NV to Ely, NV
8/29/07--Ely, NV to Eureka, NV
8/30/07--Eureka, NV to Austin, NV
8/31/07--Austin, NV to Middlegate, NV
9/1/07  --Middlegate, NV to Lohanton Reservoir, NV
9/2/07  --Lohanton Reservoir, NV to Woodfords, CA (Sierra Nevadas)
9/3/07  --Woodfords, CA (Sierra Nevadas) to Placerville, CA
9/4/07  --Placerville, CA to Davis, CA
9/5/07  --Davis, CA to SAN FRANCISCO!