About eLIFELIST.com's Bike Trip Across the US

Brent Thomas and Lee Briggs have "Ride a Bicycle Across the Country" on their Life Lists.  Brent and Lee are the founders of eLIFELIST.com a social site dedicated to acknowledging and fulfilling it's members' life goals. 

Brent and Lee will be riding Bicycles across the US June 30th-Sept 1st 2007, starting from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and finishing in San Francisco, California

During this ride they are raising money for the Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation.  They will be constantly updating this website and eLIFELIST.com with content, a daily blog, pictures, videos, stories and will have a weekly newsletter during the trip.  Brent and Lee see Cancer as an epidemic sweeping the US, 1 in 3 people will be somehow affected by the disease.  Brent and Lee's goal is to raise $20,000 to donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and raise cancer awareness during their Two Month trek. 

eLIFELIST.com encourages it's users to get out there and do the things they want to and Brent and Lee are strong believers in that. 

Follow them as they make this once in a lifetime journey across the US.  Keep up with the people they meet, the stories they tell and the challenges they will undoubtly face. 

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