Donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for's Bicycle trip

Founders Brent Thomas and Lee Briggs of the goal setting social site are Bicycling across the US to raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.'s members can create and connect with their Life-List, the list of goals they want to complete in life. Brent and Lee both have "Ride a Bicycle across the country" on their Life-Lists. A Life-List can can have anything on it: from seeing the Grand Canyon, visiting Greece, skydiving, getting promoted, knitting a sweater, to riding a Bicycle across the country. Brent and Lee hope to inspire people to do the things they want to do in life and raise $20,000 for Livestrong in their trek across the US.

Brent and Lee will be documenting the bike ride from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to San Francisco California with this Blog, Pictures and Daily Video Entries.  Subscribe to their weekly newsletter for the trip on the top of the homepage.

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Mail your donation to:

Lance Armstrong Foundation
PO Box 161150
Austin, Texas 78716

**Attach a note saying: "Please add my donation to the $20,000 goal of's Bike Ride Across America"**