Tire blow out. 

Everything was going great until about 2 miles out from Hickory when I took a spill and got a tear in my front tire.  We were literally 2 miles from our hotel.  We stopped in Walmart, the only place that was open on the 4th, to look for a tire that would work.  None fit, however we did a MacGyver like patch job on the tire.  We basically cut strips from the tire we bought in Walmart and apoxied it to the inside of the tire and then duck taped another strip of tire to the outside.  We were pretty pleased with the patch job and it held up nicely the next day.  We have since bought a couple spare tires to carry at all times, we weren't expecting a torn tire this early in the trip.  

We want to be sure to give a big shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Duquette of Hickory, they are the parents of our good friend Pete from college.  They weren't able to put us up at their house, but before we could say anything they had booked a room for us at the Fairfield Inn, on them.  Quite generous and we are very grateful to them for supporting us.  Pete is getting married this August, wish we could be there Pete, best of luck to you and Karen.  

Our buddies Ramy and John Barden met us in Hickory and hung out for a bit on the night of the 4th.  It was great to see them.  They were heading to San Deigo the next morning for the wedding of another friend of ours Tim Kinnery.  The four of us had a good meal at Carrabas, mmm pasta.

We didn't get to see any fireworks on the 4th however, but we did see some a few days earlier at the bulls game.  

Next: the montrous ride to Asheville and a dude named Chris.  

Day 5 Video



07/07/2007 08:55

Lee: Remember, no food in the tent or around the campsite. We're thinging of you.
Love, Grandpa

Christina Burton
07/07/2007 09:47

Your updates are great!!! Stay safe.


Pam Thomas
07/07/2007 14:44

Camping in the Smokey Mountains - watch out for those big, unexpected, uninvited furry friends. And don't tell them how good they look in brown or black.

Nyi Myint
07/08/2007 07:34

Hang tough. Great job patching the tire. I'll buy you a beer when you get back. Let me know if you want something sent to you general delivery to a post office enroute.


07/08/2007 10:51

Wow, that sucks! Really resourceful way to patch the tire though. Im sure you'll hit a few more bumps in the road. If it were smooth all the way, it wouldn't be worth doing!

07/08/2007 18:34

Congratulations on making it through the Smokies. That was a huge hurdle. Going up 2300 feet today had to be a killer. Be safe. Gonna be real hot for a while. We're all pullin for you. Love Dad


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